Paparazzi in Paradise

Premiere Tonite!!!

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            The Hill’s premiere is tonight, and unfortunately I just found out I don’t have the channel. I have, like many others been waiting for this day for along time. I really hope that Brody Jenner did not work up with anyone, I want him and Lauren Conrad to go out. I am pretty sure Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are still together, but it would make my day if they ended up breaking up.

           Oprah Winfrey’s dog passed away from kidney failure, which I think is super sad as I am a dog lover. However, to make news I think is a little ridiculous, as I don’t think any average person’s dog dying is less important. My sympathy goes out to Oprah.

          I love seeing celebrities donate money. First it was Simon Cowell, then Brad and Angelina and now Justin Timberlake. Justin donates $200,000 to his hometown. In my opinion more celebrities should start donating.

          I hope spending Easter with Tommy Lee doesn’t mean she is going to marry him again. Pamela Anderson just got out of her 2-month long marriage to Rick Salomon finalized this weekend. Lets think this next marriage over Pam.



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       I never hear anything about Mariah Carey in the news, so I was shocked to find that alot of people don’t like her. Her music is great what else is there not to like about her, considering no one ever sees her?

            Why are guys such pigs? Can’t they just stick to one woman if they are married, is it really that hard? David Paterson who replaced Eliot Spitzer admitted to an affair as well. Can we not find a governor who has a clean slate, with no secrets and can be a good role model?

          Simon Cowell donated $162,000 to a girl with cancer. Simon puts up a mean front, but apparently he has a soft side too. I think thats amazing to help out a family like that as they go through a tough time.  

       I absolutely loved the movie Transformers! Shia LaBeouf has an arrest warrant issued. I hope he isn’t in that much trouble, he probably just forgot what day it was, he wouldn’t do that on purpose!

       Like most people, parenthood is an exciting new aspect of people’s lives. For Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry this is exactly true. They are very happy to be new parents.