Paparazzi in Paradise

Premiere Tonite!!!

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            The Hill’s premiere is tonight, and unfortunately I just found out I don’t have the channel. I have, like many others been waiting for this day for along time. I really hope that Brody Jenner did not work up with anyone, I want him and Lauren Conrad to go out. I am pretty sure Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are still together, but it would make my day if they ended up breaking up.

           Oprah Winfrey’s dog passed away from kidney failure, which I think is super sad as I am a dog lover. However, to make news I think is a little ridiculous, as I don’t think any average person’s dog dying is less important. My sympathy goes out to Oprah.

          I love seeing celebrities donate money. First it was Simon Cowell, then Brad and Angelina and now Justin Timberlake. Justin donates $200,000 to his hometown. In my opinion more celebrities should start donating.

          I hope spending Easter with Tommy Lee doesn’t mean she is going to marry him again. Pamela Anderson just got out of her 2-month long marriage to Rick Salomon finalized this weekend. Lets think this next marriage over Pam.


Four Minutes


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     Justin Timberlake and Madonna have a new song together. Check out her new song called Four Minutes here!

           As much as I love Angelina its pretty pathetic for the tabloids to make news that she bought her children cheetos. Like seriously is that the best they could find?

         I would have never guessed R.E.M’s frontman Michael Stipe is gay! 😛 When I saw that news I was confused, as if anyone thought he was straight. But I guess its good, he is comfortable with telling everything now. Now we all know FORSURE!

Halle Berry had a baby girl on Sunday. Congratulations!

          Here is a sneak peek of Britney Spears acting on the set of How I met Your Mother. I think its great what she is doing, she needs to have some positive support to get her back on her feet. I think she finally has everything back together.          

          I think it is horrible that Ashley Dupre is getting something positive out of something that is so horrible. She shouldn’t be gaining anything, expecially money for the acts that she commited.

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