Paparazzi in Paradise

What the Buck?

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          Fergie and Josh Duhamel are one hot couple! However, just because they are getting married does not mean they are pregnant! Everyone always assumes that, but that is not the case. They are getting married because they love each other!

         8 Million dollars!! wow, thats amazing! I think its great that because they are fortunate with money, that they help those in need. 8 million dollars can go along way and help alot of people. It is great to see celebrities do these kinds of acts just like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They are my favourite celebrity couple by far!

          I don’t know if I believe Lindsay Lohan that she didn’t make a sex tape. In one picture I saw she was with Nick Lachey‘s girlfriend doing some freaky things. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if an sex tape appeared with Lindsay Lohan in it.

         I am actually disappointed that Chris Crocker didn’t win the commentary category on . That video was so funny, as if he cared that much about Britney Spears that he was crying and like freaking out on the internet. That is hilarious! Instead Michael Buckley won, with What the Buck? Check out his video below.


Always Complaining . . .

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        I do really like Lauren Conrad, but it seems she is always complaining about something. However it was pretty rude of Brody Jenner to hook up with another girl the second Lauren is out of town. I don’t think though that if Heidi and Audrina are friends or not should really involve Lauren.

        Steve-o should grow up and take responsibility for his own actions. He is blaming everyone else but himself for his problems.

         Bachelor Bryon Velvick and Mary Delgado are still going strong. I never had much hope in them because no one else has lasted other than Trista and Ryan who I love. Good Luck!

        Jennifer Lopez looks gorgeous after her pregnancy and the twins are adorable. Can’t wait to see more pictures!

         Britney Spear’s dad is selling her cars. I think ultimately it should be her choice. She has made an huge improvement in her life, and maybe things should start getting turned back over to her.


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        Committing suicide to me is a very selfish thing, even though I have never been down to that point before. However, Pete Wentz is doing a great thing to show to others that being in such a low place can change around, and life can be happy whether people think so or not. Many lives will be changed by seeing Pete Wentz as a role model to someone who has been in that situation too.

          Things are looking brighter and brighter everyday for Britney Spears. She has a steady job on the go, she has had multiple contacts with her children and she is dining with her parents. Life is looking good Brit, keep up the great work.

          I love Audrina Patridge from The Hills. The past is in the past, she understands her mistakes and it was when she was way younger and less wise so topless pictures shouldn’t be held against her. It was something she had to do for modelling.

       Alot of people fantasize about being with a celebrity. When other people seem to be having fun together, automatically they are presumed to be dating or hooking up. However that is not always the case. I believe Drew Lachey when he said he didn’t have an affair. He has everything going for him, a wife and a baby girl.

         It seems that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt didn’t break up after all as they went to the set of American Idol together! Darn!


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       I never hear anything about Mariah Carey in the news, so I was shocked to find that alot of people don’t like her. Her music is great what else is there not to like about her, considering no one ever sees her?

            Why are guys such pigs? Can’t they just stick to one woman if they are married, is it really that hard? David Paterson who replaced Eliot Spitzer admitted to an affair as well. Can we not find a governor who has a clean slate, with no secrets and can be a good role model?

          Simon Cowell donated $162,000 to a girl with cancer. Simon puts up a mean front, but apparently he has a soft side too. I think thats amazing to help out a family like that as they go through a tough time.  

       I absolutely loved the movie Transformers! Shia LaBeouf has an arrest warrant issued. I hope he isn’t in that much trouble, he probably just forgot what day it was, he wouldn’t do that on purpose!

       Like most people, parenthood is an exciting new aspect of people’s lives. For Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry this is exactly true. They are very happy to be new parents.

Four Minutes


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     Justin Timberlake and Madonna have a new song together. Check out her new song called Four Minutes here!

           As much as I love Angelina its pretty pathetic for the tabloids to make news that she bought her children cheetos. Like seriously is that the best they could find?

         I would have never guessed R.E.M’s frontman Michael Stipe is gay! 😛 When I saw that news I was confused, as if anyone thought he was straight. But I guess its good, he is comfortable with telling everything now. Now we all know FORSURE!

Halle Berry had a baby girl on Sunday. Congratulations!

          Here is a sneak peek of Britney Spears acting on the set of How I met Your Mother. I think its great what she is doing, she needs to have some positive support to get her back on her feet. I think she finally has everything back together.          

          I think it is horrible that Ashley Dupre is getting something positive out of something that is so horrible. She shouldn’t be gaining anything, expecially money for the acts that she commited.

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Take a Bow!

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       The hopsital where Britney Spears stayed for her troubled ways will be firing a few employess. They broke a breach of privacy as they were found snooping through Britney’s files. Although Britney’s life is highly publicized, and much in her life isn’t private, she does have the right of confidentially. I think the hospital is doing the right thing.

Check out Rihanna’s new single, “Take a Bow”.

         Heidi Montag is slamming Lauren Conrad’s clothing line? Heidi should think again, she has no talent what so ever. Lauren Conrad would have alot more experience in the clothing industry, Heidi really needs to stop and go get an office 9-5 job, nothing else seems to be working for her.

        Whitney Port is starting her own clothing line as well. I think thats great, Whitney has the best fashion sense. She also has had alot of exposure to it, as she worked with the industry for about 4 years, has been to Paris twice and was even in one fashion show. I think her line will be great.  Good Luck!

          As many may think that Paris Hilton and Benji Madden’s relationship is a hoax, she claims overwise. I never thought it was a hoax, however I do think its a joke. I think its some little game for Paris to get closer to Nicole Ritchie again. Clearly Paris wants a best friend in her life (she has a reality show to find a best friend).  Benji lives close and keep in close contact with the couple and their baby, so this way its easier for Paris to too.

My New BFF

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        I can’t believe Paris Hilton is that desperate to find a friend she created a reality show about it called, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.. I bet in the end she wont even be friends with whoever she picks. Also, why does she only have to have one friend? One friend is enough?

           Britney Spear is loving her new role on How I Met Your Mother. That is great to see, she needs this positive change in her life.

        Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are the coolest couple ever. I can’t wait for them to have another baby, Kingston is adorable. I hope they have another boy. Whatever they have and whatever they name the baby I know will just be perfect.

            I am torn between whether Lauren Conrad and Steven should go out. They would be the best couple ever but with a break up it could potentially break up their long term friendship which would be hard to see. So I am leaning towards Brody Jenner as the better person for her to go out with just because if they broke up it wouldn’t be as much of a lose as Steven. Steven would be the better boyfriend though.

         This video of Steve-O is very disturbing. He is definately coked out, this is so creepy. I think its extremely selfish of him to say, “Everyone’s thinking about themselves.” The soldiers are over there fighting for us. They are thinking about everyone both themselves, by risking their lives to have peace in the future. Steve-O is gross and he should be put back into the hospital after seeing this video.

Sex Scandal


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        Diddy is launching a car service for drunk celebs. I think this is the best idea ever, it seems every other celeb has a DUI. Apparently celebs can’t call the normal taxi companies like everyone else, but if this is what is talks for celebs to be responsible that is great. I really hope this works, peoples lives are in danger when people drink and drive.

          If someone liked how they looked, why would you change that? Its like getting rid of a boyfriend because you liked him alot, or giving up your favrourite tv series or book because it was awesome. Those things just don’t happen. However, Ashlee Simpson claims she was never unhappy with her looks but yet changed them anyways. I would think thats a lie, she would have had to be unhappy or she wouldn’t have changed anything.

       I don’t know what I think about animated Britney, its definately different. Check out her ‘Break the Ice’ video and let me know what you think!

           Ashley Alexandra Dupré was a 22-year-old New Jersey girl, or ‘Kristen’ as many know her as, it getting alot of publicity towards her music. I don’t think anything positive should come out of this situation, Eliot Spitzer choice to resign and his life through others eyes will never be the same. ‘Kristen’s’ music career should not benefit through all this.

Don’t Forget the Lyrics!

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         Please don’t let K-fed star in Legally Blonde, that would completely 100% ruin it.  I happen to actually like that movie. K-fed you can’t sing or act, the only reason people know who you are is because of Britney. Give up well you still can.

        Angelina Jolie is a very active, outgoing person, apparently even during her pregnancy. However, she should be looking out what is best for her unborn child, which usually is not flying. She is still early on in her pregnancy however, the more she moves along, I hope she doesn’t fly again.

        Its funny how some things get into the news. One article reads, ” Brandon Davis Kicked Out of Hotel” I thought who is Brandon Davis. Turns out he was Mischa Barton’s ex boyfriend. Who cares?

       Another example is this, “Michelle Williams’ Best Friend Expecting Baby Girl”. They don’t bother mentioning the woman having the baby but just that she is Michelle Williams best friend. Ha ha thats kinda funny.

      In my eyes, David Archuleta is still the best singer on American Idol. He is so young and has so much great potential. He did forgot the lyrics, but the song was amazing other than that. David handled it well, in that he kept going and made it like it was no big deal. I don’t think he will be voted off for that, all of his other performances have been great. If you happened to miss yesterday’s show check out what I am talking about.

Rings Already?

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         Britney Spears is guest appearing on How I Met Your Mother. I think this is great, it just adds more and more stability in her life, and she is definately back on the right track. Good Luck Brit!

       Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are now both sporting rings. Benji with a PH ring and Paris with a BM ring. Personally I think its way to soon, Paris isn’t ready to settle down, she never will be. She is just copying Nicole Richie, to get closer to her and thier baby. I don’t like them as a couple.

         K-Fed should pay his own legal fees. He is a big shot now isn’t he, with him on One Tree Hill and his rapping. Haha. He tipped someone at a restuarant $2,000. He can step up and pay his own bills, he should get nothing from Britney.

           For all the ladies out there who had their hopes on marrying George Clooney, your still in luck! The rumors of him being engaged were not true, however they have been dating eight months now, so it still might be hard to get to him.

       Two new films are coming out with Heath Ledger in them which I think is great. He was a great guy and a great actor, and for these movies to be coming out is just a great way to honor him.

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