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      Jessica Simpson has been recently hospitalized. Thankfully  it is not because of drinking or drugs, like everyone probably assumed. She had a kidney infection but is doing just fine.

           I think that Jamie Lynn Spears shirt, “The Rumors are True” is awesome. At least everyone now knows the truth, and she isn’t scared to show it. Also with an engagement ring, I hope the wedding is after the baby, so they can just focus strictly on the baby. Good Luck with the baby, and engagement!

           Jordin Sparks stated that she wants rocker David Cook to win American Idol. I personally like the 17 year old, David Archuleta to win. However, I respect her opinion as I love her music, and she is more educated on the subject then I am.

          I hate Heidi Montag, especially with Spencer Pratt. However, surprisingly, won the US Fashion Poll. People were probably paid to vote her for. Heidi Montag’s clothes look cheap and fake, much like her life. I will not be buying any of her clothes.

       Angelina Jolie is 100% beautiful. Check out her commercial for a Japanese cosmetic line called Shiseido here.


Don’t Forget the Lyrics!

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         Please don’t let K-fed star in Legally Blonde, that would completely 100% ruin it.  I happen to actually like that movie. K-fed you can’t sing or act, the only reason people know who you are is because of Britney. Give up well you still can.

        Angelina Jolie is a very active, outgoing person, apparently even during her pregnancy. However, she should be looking out what is best for her unborn child, which usually is not flying. She is still early on in her pregnancy however, the more she moves along, I hope she doesn’t fly again.

        Its funny how some things get into the news. One article reads, ” Brandon Davis Kicked Out of Hotel” I thought who is Brandon Davis. Turns out he was Mischa Barton’s ex boyfriend. Who cares?

       Another example is this, “Michelle Williams’ Best Friend Expecting Baby Girl”. They don’t bother mentioning the woman having the baby but just that she is Michelle Williams best friend. Ha ha thats kinda funny.

      In my eyes, David Archuleta is still the best singer on American Idol. He is so young and has so much great potential. He did forgot the lyrics, but the song was amazing other than that. David handled it well, in that he kept going and made it like it was no big deal. I don’t think he will be voted off for that, all of his other performances have been great. If you happened to miss yesterday’s show check out what I am talking about.



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        Danielynn is soo cute, and I am happy to hear she is doing great after her surgery. She has had a rough start to life as her mother and brother have passed away and now she suffers from strabismus. With the help of her dad Larry Birkhead I think she will grow up to be quite a happy and healthy young lady.

     How is Michael Jackson broke? Where did all his money go? Plastic surgery or bleaching his skin? The Neverland Ranch may be up for auction soon, as he is in debt. I think it would be weird to live there hearing all the nasty things that went on in that house. They should just knock it down!

 Calf implants? I honestly didn’t even know that was possible. However Spencer Pratt claims he is not getting them. It seems he will do anything to get in the media. Whats going to be next? I can’t believe this is even in the news. Spencer and Heidi need to find another hobbie, this one is getting you nowhere.

         As I went to school today, all the teachers seemed to be talking about American Idol last night and the 17 year old singer David Archuleta. Apparently he is amazing which even brought Paula Abdul to tears. Lets see if it can bring you to tears. Check out his singing!

No Air


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       Benji and Paris? How ironic is that, that her ex-best friend Nicole Richie is going out with his brother. She is probably just using him to get closer to Nicole. She sees that Nicole has straightened up and is now doing really good with her baby and romance and is happy, so now Paris needs that too.

       Mischa Barton noooooooooo, why do you have to turn into every other celebrity. Can one celebrity just please actually be a good role model or is that too much to ask?

        Why would anyone be inspired by Lindsay Lohan? O wait maybe she could have been inspired by that great movie she made, “I Know Who Killed Me”. Ya, that must be it, or the many trips to rehab, the multiply relationships or the many car accidents.  Apparently Ali Lohan is inspired by Lindsay I would like to see how.

        How many marriages is that for Pamela Anderson? And was that the longest? two months? She needs to get her head straight and stop randomly marrying people. Nothing is wrong with being with a person for 5 or 6 years before getting married.

      I don’t know who else agrees but I really like Jordin Sparks’ song Tattoo, so I thought it would be great to hear and see her new song with Chris Brown called No Air. This Duo can’t go wrong in my eyes, they are both great singers.  


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           I haven’t been around for a week, so this is going to be a little dated, with just strictly updates from the past week. On a baby note, Jennifer Lopez had her twins, one boy and one girl. Congralutations!

      Chris Brown and Rihanna seem to be hitting it off, more than just friends like they claim. I think they are so cute! I understand not wanting a relationship to go public if your a celebrity and its just starting off. But in reality I think it is near impossible to ever hid it completely. Trying however, doesn’t hurt.

      Can Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt please just stop? A video game? why? That is one of the dumbest ideas I have heard in a long time. There is also talk of another video. The first video was a failure why try again? Its not worth it! Who is possible going to buy it?

       Pink and Carey Hart have ended their marriage. I was sad when I heard that, they seemed like a really down to earth couple. I think its weird how she says they love each other, they never fought and they are best friends, why divorce them? I sure they have their reasons. I wish the best for them, and hopefully see them together again in the future.

         Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are talking about marriage. I think its a little soon, if you plan on getting married why not wait more than three months and get to know each other better. Being married is supposed to be for the rest of one’s life so 1 year or two of getting to know each other better would never hurt.

Dead Last

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      Jenny Craig with no Kristie Alley? thats going to be weird. Whenever I think about Jenny Craig I think about Kristie Alley and whenever I see Kristie Alley I think of Jenny Craig. Now I don’t know what to think when I see either.

         The public always has someone new in mind with who is pregnant. Now its Nelly Furtado, who claims to actually not be pregnant at all. I would believe that, she is still only engaged. I would think she will wait to be married to have more children. Hopefully the wedding bells are in the near future.

        Kirsten Dunst’s split to Jake Gyllenhaal has apparently caused her to party more and end up in rehab. I think that is crap. Yes, having your heart broken can hurt, whoever it is know way to blame anyone for your own problems. Kirsten has to step up and take responsibility for her own actions.

          As I said before if you start off singing stick to it, you are no obligated to act. Jessica Simpsons movie, Employee of the Month turned out horrible, I know Who Killed me by Lindsay Lohan turned out worst than horrible, so without even watching it I would guess The Hottie and The Nottie by Paris Hilton would turn out horrible. . . and of course it ranked dead last by users of IMDb. I would have never guessed 😛

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Why in the world would an actress have to shoplift? They must have the money to buy it, so why shoplift? Isn’t the reason people shoplift is because they can’t afford it? Bai Ling, an actress and 2005 Playboy cover girl, was arrested for shoplifting 16$ worth of celebrity magazines! 16$!

         Jessica Simpson is making plans to possibly make another reality show. My question is WHY? She already had one and it just showed the public how dumb she is in real life. We don’t want to see the daily routines of Jessica Simpson. The best part of seeing the show would be Tony Romo and he is not even that good looking!

         I can’t wait until tomorrow to see all the romantic things all the celebrities do for their spouses!

           Lane Garrison is finally talking about his prison sentence. He was involved in a drunk driving accident that killed one and injured another. Lane really seems really sincere, he understands he made a mistake and that his life is the hardest it has ever been, and frankly it should be. He has taking responsibility and is trying to make a good example for the mistakes he has made.

        Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are both going to be present at the pre-Oscars party. I personally don’t think anything will happen. They are just going to ignore each other, or give dirty looks, but other than that nothing. However it will be exciting to see what actually happens.

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For All Time. . .


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    I hate how people say just stop whinning and move on. After seven years of marriage, much is shared between two people and for Ryan Philippe this was something special. He did screw up however, that doesn’t mean he can just move on. Nobody actually knows what happened in their marriage so no one has the right to judge them. Ryan wasn’t jealous of Reese Witherspoon, in my mind they are equally good at what they do. Ryan is doing great looking after his children as a single father. It all just takes time.

           Why is it that every singer feels obligated to act? To name a few; Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Simpson. I’m sorry to say this but sticking to singing would have been a better plan. I am a huge country fan so I am not knocking Carrie Underwood, but we don’t need another singer to become an actress/actor. Note to all singers: Stick to singing PLEASE!

        Dr. Phil’s 1000 show today!

        Looking through the news today, I was very shocked to see that there is NO new news on Britney Spears. WOW! However, there is news on Jamie Lynn so I guess that makes up for it, or probably tomorrow everything will be about Britney again. I hate how like the article is like, Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears Out With Casey Aldridge in Kentwood, its like its a huge deal he is outside. Shes only pregnant not allergic to the sun! She still has a life to live like everyone else!

         Michael Jackson has a new song out. Although it was recorded in 1982, it is finally being released tomorrow. The new song is called, “For All Time”. Lets listen to it together for a first time.


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        I would argue that no one can disagree with me in that David Beckham is hot. An recent article titles, “A Kiss from David Beckham Makes Fan Faint” reveals that a kiss on the cheek from Beckham made a young female fan faint. If I was to meet Beckham I would faint too.

       Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden seem to be doing great. Along with them, Harlow is said to also be doing great who is now one month old. Keep up the great work!

        While the writers’ strike is probably annoying all of us; no new Grey’s Anatomy, no new Gossip Girls, movies put on hold etc. it is great news to hear that the end is near. Over the weekend final details were talked out, to hopefully reach an overall agreement on Tuesday. We can all go back to watching our favourite shows!

        Valentines Day is coming up and I can’t wait to see what all the celebrities have in mind for their spouses on such an romantic day. Tom Cruise claims to have plans, I wonder who else does?!

      Who wore their dress the best at the Grammys?

Beyonce? Carrie Underwood? Nelly Furtado? Rihanna? or Taylor Swift?

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        Lance Bass claims that Justin Timberlake can help Britney Spears. At this point I think having him back in her life might confuse things even more. After she seeks help, to have Timberlake back in her life for a positive influence I think would be great. But until then I think the only thing Britney needs is professional help!

           I think its great that Larry Birkhead is reminiscing for the sake of his daughter on a day so important like today. Today is the one year anniversary of Anna Nicole’s death. For her daughter to grow up without a mother, Larry is doing a great job as a single father doing his best to live on the legacy of Dannielynn‘s mother.

          Kyle MacLachlan, who stars on Desperate Housewives, and has been seen on Sex in the City, is expecting his first child with wife Desiree Gruber. Does it not seem that everyone is pregnant? Congratulations!

        When are we going to get to see baby pictures of Nicole Ritches’ baby? I have been waiting!

      I don’t know how many people watch Dr.Phil but I watch him everyday, I am a huge fan! Monday’s show is the 1000 show so thats exciting and above all, Oprah will be there as well!

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