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A Pregnant Man?


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         The Biggest Loser alums Amy Hildreth, 28, and Marty Wolff, 27, are now married! I think this is great, they lost alot of weight in season 3 and met the loves of their lifes. They have new lives now, from before the show and it looks like a great start to a new life.

            This next article was the dumbest thing I have ever read. Why would David Beckham be nervous with anything to do with his body. His body is gorgeous, he has nothing to worry about whatsoever. David should be the last nervous person in the world to be doing an underwear compaign.

              Its great to see that Eva Mendes is doing alot better from when she first entered rehab. She is taking a break, and just hanging with family. This is by far the best medicine for getting help. The more support the better one will do. I think a much needed break is in store for Eva. Get better soon!

         I would have to say this is by far the weirdest thing I have ever heard in my life. Thomas Beatie, a 34 year old male, is pregnant. The Oprah Winfrey show of Thursday will have an exclusive interview with him, and his wife. You don’t want to miss it!

             David Cook from American Idol was rushed to the hospital last night after the show, due to heart palpitations and high blood pressure. This is horrible, I really hope everything with him is fine. Lets check out his performance last night.


Reality Shows..pfft

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         I have to send alot of sympathy out to Heidi Montag, losing anyone is really hard. Heidi’s step-brother passed away recently due to a freak accident, and being a celebrity or not, as many think celebrities don’t have feelings having a family member pass away is one of the hardest things. Now Heidi can forget about singing, hopefully for a really long time, and mourn.

      I am starting to hate reality tv. It used to be my favourite thing to watch, American Idol, The Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, American’s Next Top Model. But now there is a million, and now Dina Lohan, Lindsays mother is starring in one this summer called, Living Lohan. It seems that anyone can just make a new show like Life of Ryan, House of Carters, Hogan Knows Best, and Pirate Master. Some of them are just too hard to even sit through one whole episode.

       When did K-Fed gain weight? He was sure hiding it well. I am not a fan of K-Fed other than him being a great dad, but when did he gain that weight? I thought I saw pictures of him recently and he looked slim. He looks gross now, not that he ever looked good in my books.

         The more I see them the more I love them. Aren’t Chris Brown and Rihanna so cute? Why don’t they just admit they are going out? They have been seen kissing and hugging, so just spit the beans.

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