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In Love With a Girl

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              Gavin DeGraw has a new video out for his new single, “In Love With a Girl”. Kristin Cavallari from Laguna Beach is featured in it. The video is ok, nothing special, but I hope Kristin doesn’t get the idea that she can act now.  Check out the video here.

         Of course Ryan Philippe isn’t going to look at pictures of Reese and Jake. Why would he? He still loves her no matter what anyone says, and to see them happy together probably kills him.

        Britney Spears had CBS’ How I Met Your Mother earn the highest ratings of all time, now the sitcom 30 Rock wants her too. I think this is great for Britney. Good Luck!

       I wish I had to movie because I would pay alot to see it too. $52 100 to be at the premiere one fan paid to see Sex and The City movie. I think it would be so worth it. Not only do you get to see the movie but you get to see all the actors/actresses in real life. That would be so amazing!

         Results of Heidi Montag’s new song, “No More”= mixed. More people liked it over, “Higher” but still not a hit. I am personally not a fan, I don’t think she should be singing or acting whatsoever. She should get an 9-5 office job and stay there.


My New BFF

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        I can’t believe Paris Hilton is that desperate to find a friend she created a reality show about it called, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.. I bet in the end she wont even be friends with whoever she picks. Also, why does she only have to have one friend? One friend is enough?

           Britney Spear is loving her new role on How I Met Your Mother. That is great to see, she needs this positive change in her life.

        Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are the coolest couple ever. I can’t wait for them to have another baby, Kingston is adorable. I hope they have another boy. Whatever they have and whatever they name the baby I know will just be perfect.

            I am torn between whether Lauren Conrad and Steven should go out. They would be the best couple ever but with a break up it could potentially break up their long term friendship which would be hard to see. So I am leaning towards Brody Jenner as the better person for her to go out with just because if they broke up it wouldn’t be as much of a lose as Steven. Steven would be the better boyfriend though.

         This video of Steve-O is very disturbing. He is definately coked out, this is so creepy. I think its extremely selfish of him to say, “Everyone’s thinking about themselves.” The soldiers are over there fighting for us. They are thinking about everyone both themselves, by risking their lives to have peace in the future. Steve-O is gross and he should be put back into the hospital after seeing this video.

Rings Already?

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         Britney Spears is guest appearing on How I Met Your Mother. I think this is great, it just adds more and more stability in her life, and she is definately back on the right track. Good Luck Brit!

       Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are now both sporting rings. Benji with a PH ring and Paris with a BM ring. Personally I think its way to soon, Paris isn’t ready to settle down, she never will be. She is just copying Nicole Richie, to get closer to her and thier baby. I don’t like them as a couple.

         K-Fed should pay his own legal fees. He is a big shot now isn’t he, with him on One Tree Hill and his rapping. Haha. He tipped someone at a restuarant $2,000. He can step up and pay his own bills, he should get nothing from Britney.

           For all the ladies out there who had their hopes on marrying George Clooney, your still in luck! The rumors of him being engaged were not true, however they have been dating eight months now, so it still might be hard to get to him.

       Two new films are coming out with Heath Ledger in them which I think is great. He was a great guy and a great actor, and for these movies to be coming out is just a great way to honor him.

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