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No More. . .please!

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           I didn’t like her first single, why would I like this one? Check out Heidi Montag’s new song titles, “No More” here. Please stop making music and acting! Its getting ridiculous, this song indicates your success and future accomplishments. . . NO MORE!

        The Hogans are being sued for Nicks car crash. As much as the whole situation must suck for everyone, as I am sure Nick feels very bad, something must be done for the Graziano family. Their son, however was not wearing his seatbelt, which is not Nick’s fault whatsoever. Nick was driving out of control and completely irresponsibly and should be held responsible for his actions.

        I would hate having my dad be the co-conservator over my life, so I understand Britney Spears pain. However, this wasn’t just an overnight decision, Britney had made multiple bad mistakes and someone needed to step in. Since her dad has been co-conservator, Britney has gotten back on her feet, teaching, seeing her children and acting action. Her dad should be given credit for her recent successes.

The Hills was so good last night, well worth the wait. I really hope Heidi pulls through on kicking Spencer out. Also I wanted Lauren and Brody to meet up, that was in the previews! I was a little disappointed. The Paris trip looked like so much fun, if Whitney quits Teenvogue I really hope she is still in the show.

Jamie Lynn Spears is now engaged to Casey Aldridge. I am excited for her, but I hope it is not just because of her pregnancy and that they are really in love with each other.



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         Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl are loving the married life. I think the key issue is that they did not live together before marriage. I think that is so cool, and since moving in they claim there are no problems. Also they seem to like the relaxed, family atmosphere rather than the paparazzi and partying scene. Congratulations and good luck!

         Who knew Paris Hilton had a little brother? and of course the first thing the public hears about him is a DUI. Who would have guessed? Barron, don’t follow in the steps of your sister, behave!

        Has Jennifer Aniston fallen off the earth? It was her birthday yesterday and I expected to read about her birthday bash!

           Britney Spears is now teaching a dance class to children which I think is awesome. For all the comments saying they wouldn’t leave their children with her, thats just dumb. Britney Spear is not that crazy to hurt other people’s children. She deserves the right to teach that class, and she will do great. How do people expect her to get better? This is a great step for her in gaining back her children, to see that she can work well with other children. There is no need to have any doubt in her with this. Good for Brit!

         Everyone always expects with celebrities that once their engaged they must be pregnant! For Fergie that isn’t the case, they are in love, and they want to get married, its not always about babies. Im sure eventually they hope to, but for right now, she is not pregnant and I think that is great.

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Paparazzi in Paradise

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              I think I am safe to say that Brad and Angelina are one of the hottest celebrity couples. Brad legally adopted all the children so what is keeping them from marrying? All four of their children are adorable. I don’t know who else agrees but the new charity project they’re doing just makes them 10 times hotter as a couple, and a family.

                           Whatever happened to Lindsay Lohan?

         So, the new talk is about Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant. How do people expect her to live a normal life with Britney as a role model (dont get me wrong I like Britney) and growing up in the spot light? Why is there all this talk about, “is she getting married?” First off she is 16, does being pregnant mean she has to be married? Let her deal with one thing at a time. I think getting married should be the last thing on her mind.

                Who else said, ‘finally’ when they heard Fergie and Josh were engaged? They are a hot couple!

       Where do I start with Mischa Barton. I was a huge fan of The OC. Mischa is supposed to be innocent, at least in my eyes that is. I was sad to hear that she was busted for a DUI. Does everyone have to follow in the steps of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney?

        2nd to Brad and Angelina I would have to say are Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale and baby Kingston are by far that coolest and stylist family around. Kingston always wears the best clothes. He is one stylist baby.