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Its a Girl!



         I am surprised marriage is even in the question right now! Spencer Pratt just recently moved out of Heidi Montag’s apartment, I think they would need alot of work before getting married, considering they can’t even plan a wedding without fighting. Spencer is dumb for getting mad at Stephanie about the Lauren friendship. Grow up Spencer!

           Broke up over text? Thats real mature, Carrie Underwood. As much as I love her as a singer, she doesn’t sound like a cool person to hang out with. Chace Crawford is one hot guy, and she is missing out by dumping him, however I understand with their work schedules its hard to ever see each other.

        Brad Pitt appeared on American Idol tapping of, Idol Gives Back. Along with Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus and Robin Williams appeared on the show. Brad Pitt however, got the biggest cheers as he arrived on stage. I think it is great Brad is helping to rebuild New Orleans, keep up the great work!

        Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are readily planning for thier baby.  $7 million dollars later and they bought a house in L.A.

        Jessica Alba looks great pregnant. She ended the weekend with a celebration, celebrating that she is having a baby GIRL! Thats right a little girl! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy Jess!


A Pregnant Man?


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         The Biggest Loser alums Amy Hildreth, 28, and Marty Wolff, 27, are now married! I think this is great, they lost alot of weight in season 3 and met the loves of their lifes. They have new lives now, from before the show and it looks like a great start to a new life.

            This next article was the dumbest thing I have ever read. Why would David Beckham be nervous with anything to do with his body. His body is gorgeous, he has nothing to worry about whatsoever. David should be the last nervous person in the world to be doing an underwear compaign.

              Its great to see that Eva Mendes is doing alot better from when she first entered rehab. She is taking a break, and just hanging with family. This is by far the best medicine for getting help. The more support the better one will do. I think a much needed break is in store for Eva. Get better soon!

         I would have to say this is by far the weirdest thing I have ever heard in my life. Thomas Beatie, a 34 year old male, is pregnant. The Oprah Winfrey show of Thursday will have an exclusive interview with him, and his wife. You don’t want to miss it!

             David Cook from American Idol was rushed to the hospital last night after the show, due to heart palpitations and high blood pressure. This is horrible, I really hope everything with him is fine. Lets check out his performance last night.



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      Jessica Simpson has been recently hospitalized. Thankfully  it is not because of drinking or drugs, like everyone probably assumed. She had a kidney infection but is doing just fine.

           I think that Jamie Lynn Spears shirt, “The Rumors are True” is awesome. At least everyone now knows the truth, and she isn’t scared to show it. Also with an engagement ring, I hope the wedding is after the baby, so they can just focus strictly on the baby. Good Luck with the baby, and engagement!

           Jordin Sparks stated that she wants rocker David Cook to win American Idol. I personally like the 17 year old, David Archuleta to win. However, I respect her opinion as I love her music, and she is more educated on the subject then I am.

          I hate Heidi Montag, especially with Spencer Pratt. However, surprisingly, won the US Fashion Poll. People were probably paid to vote her for. Heidi Montag’s clothes look cheap and fake, much like her life. I will not be buying any of her clothes.

       Angelina Jolie is 100% beautiful. Check out her commercial for a Japanese cosmetic line called Shiseido here.


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        Committing suicide to me is a very selfish thing, even though I have never been down to that point before. However, Pete Wentz is doing a great thing to show to others that being in such a low place can change around, and life can be happy whether people think so or not. Many lives will be changed by seeing Pete Wentz as a role model to someone who has been in that situation too.

          Things are looking brighter and brighter everyday for Britney Spears. She has a steady job on the go, she has had multiple contacts with her children and she is dining with her parents. Life is looking good Brit, keep up the great work.

          I love Audrina Patridge from The Hills. The past is in the past, she understands her mistakes and it was when she was way younger and less wise so topless pictures shouldn’t be held against her. It was something she had to do for modelling.

       Alot of people fantasize about being with a celebrity. When other people seem to be having fun together, automatically they are presumed to be dating or hooking up. However that is not always the case. I believe Drew Lachey when he said he didn’t have an affair. He has everything going for him, a wife and a baby girl.

         It seems that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt didn’t break up after all as they went to the set of American Idol together! Darn!


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       I never hear anything about Mariah Carey in the news, so I was shocked to find that alot of people don’t like her. Her music is great what else is there not to like about her, considering no one ever sees her?

            Why are guys such pigs? Can’t they just stick to one woman if they are married, is it really that hard? David Paterson who replaced Eliot Spitzer admitted to an affair as well. Can we not find a governor who has a clean slate, with no secrets and can be a good role model?

          Simon Cowell donated $162,000 to a girl with cancer. Simon puts up a mean front, but apparently he has a soft side too. I think thats amazing to help out a family like that as they go through a tough time.  

       I absolutely loved the movie Transformers! Shia LaBeouf has an arrest warrant issued. I hope he isn’t in that much trouble, he probably just forgot what day it was, he wouldn’t do that on purpose!

       Like most people, parenthood is an exciting new aspect of people’s lives. For Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry this is exactly true. They are very happy to be new parents.

Don’t Forget the Lyrics!

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         Please don’t let K-fed star in Legally Blonde, that would completely 100% ruin it.  I happen to actually like that movie. K-fed you can’t sing or act, the only reason people know who you are is because of Britney. Give up well you still can.

        Angelina Jolie is a very active, outgoing person, apparently even during her pregnancy. However, she should be looking out what is best for her unborn child, which usually is not flying. She is still early on in her pregnancy however, the more she moves along, I hope she doesn’t fly again.

        Its funny how some things get into the news. One article reads, ” Brandon Davis Kicked Out of Hotel” I thought who is Brandon Davis. Turns out he was Mischa Barton’s ex boyfriend. Who cares?

       Another example is this, “Michelle Williams’ Best Friend Expecting Baby Girl”. They don’t bother mentioning the woman having the baby but just that she is Michelle Williams best friend. Ha ha thats kinda funny.

      In my eyes, David Archuleta is still the best singer on American Idol. He is so young and has so much great potential. He did forgot the lyrics, but the song was amazing other than that. David handled it well, in that he kept going and made it like it was no big deal. I don’t think he will be voted off for that, all of his other performances have been great. If you happened to miss yesterday’s show check out what I am talking about.

Not the End!


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        Don’t get my wrong I really like Justin Timberlake’s music, but he is not cut out for acting! Alpha Dog is a great example! He needs to stay away from the t.v series and stick to singing. I am not a fan of his acting.

          Who else is really excited for Angelina’s pregnancy? I sure am, and hopefully the rumors about twins are true because that would be so cute! I love Angelina and Brad!

         Although Danny Noriega was voted off American Idol, his singing sure didn’t end there. Already he has been offered a job–> by Rosie! The offer is a cruise to Mexico where Cyndi Lauper will be as well. Although I didn’t like Dannys choice of song, I think its great that he gets the opportunity to do what he loves. Good Luck!

        Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are great together and their baby, Harlow, is the cutest ever! I am so proud of Nicole for straigthening up her life for her family. I think they should get married, but don’t rush into it, the first priority right now should be the baby. Congrats!

Its All Coming Back To Me Now

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     If could not picture anything more perfect for Matthew McConaughey than a swim suit line. He is a beach bum, and for him to have this is great. If I could have picked anything for Matthew to do next it definately would have been this. If I was a guy I would totally wear it, Matthew McConaughey has a hot body!

For some reason I thought Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake broke up?

       Is it not great that Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher get along so great? That must have been tough at first. My parents are divorced and are not bitter towards each other, as they still talk, but they would never call each other up to hang out. I think thats great, it definately takes alot of pressure of the children.

         It seems that the Britney Spear news has gone down. According to the news, her children love her at the dance studio she is teaching at. That is great for the courts to see she can handle being with children and is getting her act together. Keep up the great work Britney!

        I don’t think it should matter what David Hernandez did as a job before American Idol. The past is in the past, and it doesn’t need to be brought up. However, if they kicked someone off in the past for it, they shouldn’t allow him to do the same thing. 

Reality Shows..pfft

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         I have to send alot of sympathy out to Heidi Montag, losing anyone is really hard. Heidi’s step-brother passed away recently due to a freak accident, and being a celebrity or not, as many think celebrities don’t have feelings having a family member pass away is one of the hardest things. Now Heidi can forget about singing, hopefully for a really long time, and mourn.

      I am starting to hate reality tv. It used to be my favourite thing to watch, American Idol, The Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, American’s Next Top Model. But now there is a million, and now Dina Lohan, Lindsays mother is starring in one this summer called, Living Lohan. It seems that anyone can just make a new show like Life of Ryan, House of Carters, Hogan Knows Best, and Pirate Master. Some of them are just too hard to even sit through one whole episode.

       When did K-Fed gain weight? He was sure hiding it well. I am not a fan of K-Fed other than him being a great dad, but when did he gain that weight? I thought I saw pictures of him recently and he looked slim. He looks gross now, not that he ever looked good in my books.

         The more I see them the more I love them. Aren’t Chris Brown and Rihanna so cute? Why don’t they just admit they are going out? They have been seen kissing and hugging, so just spit the beans.

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        Danielynn is soo cute, and I am happy to hear she is doing great after her surgery. She has had a rough start to life as her mother and brother have passed away and now she suffers from strabismus. With the help of her dad Larry Birkhead I think she will grow up to be quite a happy and healthy young lady.

     How is Michael Jackson broke? Where did all his money go? Plastic surgery or bleaching his skin? The Neverland Ranch may be up for auction soon, as he is in debt. I think it would be weird to live there hearing all the nasty things that went on in that house. They should just knock it down!

 Calf implants? I honestly didn’t even know that was possible. However Spencer Pratt claims he is not getting them. It seems he will do anything to get in the media. Whats going to be next? I can’t believe this is even in the news. Spencer and Heidi need to find another hobbie, this one is getting you nowhere.

         As I went to school today, all the teachers seemed to be talking about American Idol last night and the 17 year old singer David Archuleta. Apparently he is amazing which even brought Paula Abdul to tears. Lets see if it can bring you to tears. Check out his singing!